Data Transformation Solutions

The way to data integration is paved with roadblocks. If your company is like most, your biggest hurdle is making sure your information systems, applications and processes can easily share information.

Liaison’s data transformation solutions accomplish just that. Our data modeling, mapping and migration offerings knock down data sharing barriers so you can automate and consolidate business processes across and outside of your business.

With the Power of Data Portability, the Sky’s the Limit

No matter how ambitious or complex your integration goals may be, Liaison offers a range of data transformation products to tackle your data translation and semantic integration challenges. All save you time and money while giving you the tools to improve business processes and simplify information management across the enterprise. We simplify data transformation by:

  • Supporting any environment, any protocol: Our solutions can be deployed in any existing runtime environment and, because they are built on an any-to-any model, allow clients to model, map, and move all incoming and outgoing data with a single tool.
  • Delivering open, portable formats: Liaison’s solutions deliver open, portable and reusable data maps that eliminate the need for redundant resource and cost investments. Once data transformations are complete, they’re yours to leverage for as long and as often as you need them.
  • Providing the lowest implementation cost: We provide automated, intuitive data transformation solutions that deliver efficiency, speed and ease-of-use.
  • Offering solutions for every data transformation challenge – large or small: Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, Liaison offers a range of data transformation solutions to solve every challenge – no matter how complex.
  • Delivering unparalleled technology, support and expertise: Our technology is driven by years of innovation resulting in multiple patents that uniquely benefit Liaison’s clients. Because we’re focused on solving your data transformation challenges, you receive the benefit of unmatched experience, expertise and support.

Liaison's Contivo™ enterprise data integration and transformation solution has achieved SAP NetWeaver Integration Certification. Contivo’s platform-independent translation and semantic data transformation increases SAP productivity, improves collaboration and expands SOA support.