Tokenization Solutions

When it comes to security, you can’t afford to take risks. At Liaison, our legacy of innovation shows in our tokenization solutions. We delivered the first on-premise data security software that integrates strong encryption, centralized key management and a new variation on tokenization — Format Preserving Tokenization™ — into one solution. Built on our unique architecture, it’s specifically engineered for enterprises that need the highest level of data security.

We are also one of the first companies to provide tokenization-as-a-service (TaaS). With Liaison’s TaaS offering, we manage your tokenization process in the cloud to give you tremendous reductions in cost and management resources while increasing security and referential integrity.

Improving Data Security with Tokenization

Whether you choose to deploy Liaison’s on-premise tokenization products or employ our TaaS offering, you will enjoy benefits such as:

  • Reduced compliance scope and costs
  • Increased security, less work: Liaison’s industry-leading tokenization model extends additional encryption and key management capabilities to replace sensitive data with data surrogates (tokens). These can be safely used by any application or database without risk of exposing sensitive data. With Format Preserving Tokenization, tokens that maintain the length and format of the original data can be generated for all types of sensitive data.
  • Centralized storage of encrypted data for minimal risk
  • Accessibility via a Web-based interface
  • Browser Extension: Liaison Protect TaaS allows customer information like credit card numbers to be transmitted from a consumer directly to the Liaison Cloud, while all non-sensitive data continues to be transmitted to on-premise web servers. Liaison then returns the tokenized data back to the browser or directly to a pre-configured web server. This approach minimizes the risk of being compromised.