Encryption Solutions

As organizations seek to protect data from cybercriminals, internal theft or even accidental loss, and to prove compliance with a host of laws and industry mandates, they find that an effective defense against these threats is a strong offense. Enter Liaison.

Capitalizing on Encryption and Key Management 

With Liaison’s encryption technology and host of professional and consulting services, we help you overcome even the most complex data security challenges. Our solutions deliver the following capabilities:

  • Adaptable encryption on any platform: Liaison’s encryption solutions provide field-, file- and database-level encryption, and support 3DES, AES 256 and other algorithms. As one of the industry’s most adaptable data security solutions, it protects data on a wide variety of platforms – IBM mainframe, IBM i, Windows, UNIX, Linux — and numerous databases, including Oracle, IBM DB2 and Microsoft SQL Server. What’s more, Liaison allows for encryption in heterogeneous environments - encrypt on one platform and decrypt on another.
  • Advanced key management: Liaison’s solutions include a centralized Key Manager that generates, distributes, rotates, revokes and deletes keys, enabling encryption and allowing only authorized users to access the protected data while still making it easily accessible to authorized users.
  • Audit logging: Liaison offers extensive logging of security events for compliance, audit and forensics. All access requests to encrypted data are logged with information about the function, encryption resources used, data accessed and when the access occurred. Audit logs are Syslog-compliant, providing easy integration with Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) packages.