Application Integration Solutions

The power of your data is only as great as its ability to be shared throughout your enterprise. That’s what has driven Liaison to create the most cost-effective and comprehensive application integration solutions available today.

Smart enterprises will tell you that the benefits of application integration go well beyond IT. It’s essential to the competitive enterprise, and even more important to enterprises looking to control costs, improve business process efficiency and turn data into intelligence.

Fueling the High-Performing Business

Liaison’s application integration solutions boost business performance by enabling you to access intelligence more quickly, share it broadly at every level of your enterprise and leverage your existing investments in IT. Our proven application integration products and services deliver seamless integration in a way that is flexible and tailored to your changing business environment. Simply put, it’s powerful stuff.

So, what can our application integration solutions do for you?

  • Proven approach and solutions to tackle even the most complex EAI challenges: Liaison’s approach encompasses clear business objectives, business process integration and collaborative strategies, an integration center of excellence, and flexible technology for application, B2B and SOA data transformation.
  • Process improvements that support the evolution of your business: Our application integration solutions ensure that applications are integrated within the context of how your business operates. These integrations remain flexible and responsive to changes in your business so you can build upon your integration – not be held hostage to it.

Flexible delivery for maximum ROI: Liaison’s application integration solutions are flexibly designed to give you options. Whether you want to integrate in the cloud, do it in-house, fully outsource it, or any combination of the above, our products and services will help you tackle even the most complex integration challenges.