Keeping Your Business (and Data) Compliant

Compliance Throughout the Entire Data Lifecycle

Data security and compliance weigh heavily on any organization handling sensitive, regulated and high-value information. If you’re trying to relieve the burden of compliance, let Liaison help.

Our range of cloud-based and on-premise solutions incorporate best practices in data security — whether that data is in motion or at rest. Combined with our managed, professional and consulting services,  we’re helping organizations around the world meet their compliance challenges.

What Sets Liaison Apart

We have a deep understanding and technological expertise across the full spectrum of data integration, transformation, management and security challenges experienced by many industries such as retail, financial services, logistics, healthcare and others. With these challenges in mind, Liaison has solutions to help you achieve and simplify compliance in these areas:

  • PCI-DSS. Through regular product updates and by taking an active role in recommending changes to the PCI-DSS, we help companies achieve and maintain payment card industry compliance year after year.
  • PII (including U.S. State Breach Laws). Liaison offers solutions that protect data at its source, whether it is stored or in use, to keep personally identifiable Information safe. We also help companies remain compliant with even the most complex individual U.S. state data breach legislation.
  • HIPAA/HITECH. Liaison’s data security solutions help healthcare organizations achieve safe harbor as specified by HIPAA and prevent data breaches including those that involve unencrypted protected health information (PHI).
  • UK Data Protection Act. Liaison’s data security solutions enforce compliance with the UK DPA by protecting sensitive, personal and regulated data for organizations around the globe, including the best known brands in the UK.
  • GDSN. Liaison is a certified solution provider for 1SYNC, the preeminent data pool for GS1. Our affordable data sync solution helps suppliers take advantage of this global data pool, integrate and become preferred, compliant providers to large retailers.
  • SEPA. Liaison has a range of solutions and services that are designed to help organizations comply with SEPA formats and streamline their data integration processes.
  • G-Cloud. Liaison is an accredited supplier on G-Cloud, a framework through which suppliers can provide public sector buyers in the United Kingdom with cloud-based services such as B2B integration, supply chain automation, eInvoicing, data protection and tokenization.