Liaison Converge 2014


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Liaison built the industry’s first net-native integration platform designed from the start for real-time message exchange, complete interoperability and the simplification of complex business processes. For more than a decade, Liaison has powered integration for leading global enterprises, such as Merck, Boeing, and Life Technologies, and provided cost-effective integration for small and medium sized organizations. Today, Liaison also powers the integration services for the world’s top supplier networks, marketplaces, SaaS applications and solutions providers.

Virtually Embed the Liaison Integration Cloud

Leading companies, such as Visa, Ariba and NetSuite use the Liaison integration cloud to virtually embed integration services with their solutions. Liaison integration enables these and many other partners to create business process networks and make it easy for their customers and communities to exchange electronic messages from any application over any connection with any business rule. Liaison integration levels the playing field and allows everyone within a community to communicate at the same speed.  If one partner can only "speak" EDI, Liaison manages this with ease, even if everyone else is speaking custom forms of XML. This allows everyone to optimize existing investments and infrastructure while still participating fully in the community network.

Featured Partners

Featured Partners 

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