Private health insurers and public health entities such as Medicare and Medicaid are constantly challenged to lower healthcare costs without sacrificing care quality. Competition, government regulations and new information technologies are also driving significant changes to business processes. The ability to integrate, exchange, translate and manage patient information and do it securely is more critical than ever to your success.

Improve patient care with access to critical information

Liaison for Health Plans enables all members of the care team to gain consolidated access to critical information and complete initiatives for EHR, meaningful use, accountable care organizations (ACOs) and health information exchanges. The Liaison solution frees valuable patient data from various silos, allowing you to use it to coordinate care effectively, reducing healthcare costs, improving patient outcomes, and increasing patient-provider-payer collaboration.

We're experts. Let us help you.

With more than 600 healthcare customers, we’ve been solving complex data integration, data transformation-exchange-management-security challenges for more than 10 years across multiple industries. We understand the complexities of connecting everyone in the healthcare community to same information. We can overcome multiple standards and help everyone communicate simply and easily—all with an emphasis on trust and privacy, scalability and flexibility. We can help you manage risk and reduce costs while increasing patient satisfaction.